Web Traffic Bots


In this article, I’ll explain what web traffic Bots are, why you need to be wary of them, and how to deal with them if your websites get attacked by them.

Should I Buy Bot Traffic Or Real Traffic?

If you are reading this, you have probably already spent precious time and money building a nice website and doing your best to let the world know about your products and services but things just aren’t moving as quickly as you expected so it’s time to take it to the next level and invest in boosting your web traffic. The loaded question though is, should I buy bot traffic or real traffic?  Let’s have a quick look at the differences between the two types of web traffic.


Black Hat Bots – Web Traffic Boosters That Are Bad For Business

Bots designed to artificially boost web traffic are essentially black hat gizmos in the hacker’s toolbox and should be treated with the same caution you would afford a man on a street corner offering you a cheap watch from the inside of his overcoat.

Legions of bots are rapidly populating the Internet and swelling the volume of web traffic on a daily basis. Some bots are good and even necessary but some are highly toxic and they can poison your online presence if they are not handled with extreme care.


Sound too good to be true? Then it probably is

Many web traffic bots come with a promise to flood your website with ‘millions of visitors’ at the click of a button for a small fee or even for free. They may claim in the same breath that you don’t need any programming experience but if you are at all keen on preserving your reputation on the web, it’s best to give those cheap bots a wide berth.

The War of the Web Traffic Apps

The skeletal remains of thousands of defunct web traffic booster apps litter cyberspace now, after nearly two decades of an endless war for web domination. New bots are coming and going all the time, each trying to outdo the competition and sell webmasters copious volumes of cheap web traffic while trying to stay under the radar of the big guns such as Google, Bing, Baidu and Yahoo – to name a few of the world’s top-ten search engines.


There’s a battle being fought between organic traffic created by real people and fake traffic created by bots unscrupulously clicking away to artificially boost the popularity of websites. But the real victims are those who were seeking a quick fix, only to have their websites punished or even outright banned by search engines.   

Google, for example, is very proactive in making sure its AdSense customers receive clicks on their ads from only human visitors. If they find out bots are being used, they will penalize the source of those bots, which could be your website, if you are artificially inflating your web traffic with a web traffic app.

Web Traffic Bot Rebuild is a mobile app for Android that automatically generates web traffic and it comes with an explicit warning that it can not be used to send traffic to websites that have Google AdSense ads. Another mobile app, Web Traffic Bot Paid, promises to deliver a lot of web traffic, too, but the makers state up front that it won’t work on secure websites.

Get Real Visitors With SEO & A Bullet-Proof Web Traffic Plan

So if you want to avoid the risk of becoming another corpse on the cyberspace battlefield, build your web traffic responsibly. The tried and tested way to nurture trust with the Internet’s search engine behemoths is primarily to have great content on a website that works and is optimized for search engines (SEO). This can take months or years to achieve using SEO techniques alone but coupled with a trustworthy w
eb traffic plan, you can see exponential growth in the volume of your visitors in a very short time.


Let The Geeks Give You A Boost

WebTrafficGeeks is one of those trusted web traffic plan providers that guarantees 100% human traffic, making it relatively safe to use in conjunction with Google AdSense, as long as you use it in moderation and buy web traffic continuously to maintain a constant flow.

With their expertise in sourcing organic web traffic in niche markets in more than 40 countries, the team of professionals at WebTrafficGeeks can begin delivering thousands of organically generated visitors to websites within 24 hours. There are five web traffic plans to choose from with easy options to select the number of visitors you want over a period one to 30 days at a time.

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