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Buy Targeted Site Traffic With Bitcoin – How Does It Works?

Since 2007, we have made it our goal to be an honest and transparent supplier of targeted website traffic. There are average companies that offer short-term bulk buys of visitors, but we are not your average supplier. We offer superior support to our clients. You can even buy website traffic with bitcoin. If you are not satisfied by our services, we offer a 100 percent money back guarantee.

Multiple benefits & opportunities

Target site with BitcoinThere are so many benefits that come from working with us, including:-visitors from more than 60 countries in the world-More than 100 niches to choose from-Non-incentivised visitors-Visitors with genuine interest in what you and your website has to offer.

The visitors we direct to our clients is from visitors that go to websites that are no longer active. These users are then presented other links related to the in-active website they visited. Your site could be one of those links. Plus, you only pay when they show interest and click on the link. No matter your niche, having targeted traffic means more exposure, which is important in every industry.


Buy your targeted Website Traffic With Bitcoin by filling out this form:


Clients will receive the new visitors within approximately 10 days of activating a campaign. The amount of visits will change daily. Those who prefer to receive shorter or longer time frames can request that in the comment box and we will adjust the campaign.
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How does it works?

1. Visit the order page and select one of two traffic types available

2. Select the preferred package

3. Sign up as an advertiser or existing advertisers can log in

4. Fill out the form with the desired URL and click to verify it

5. Select up to three desired countries

6. Select up to three niches

7. Enter the desired start date and any comments

8. Agree to the Terms of Service and check out

Orders are received immediately and given a status of "Approval." Once approved, usually within 12 hours, the order will be listed as "Active." Customers will receive email notification of these changes. In active mode, orders are being processed and will be executed within 10 days. Customers are sent an email when an order is complete. So, buy our targeted, premium traffic now and enjoy growing sales!